Posted: Friday , 01 · 07 · 2011

One of the most frustrating feelings while you are getting ready to install your flat screen is realizing your mount will not work because it is too small for your flat panel. It can be equally frustrating finding out the mount is too large for the screen. These situations are very common and can easily be avoided by following a few basic tips.

Stay within suggested TV range: Most manufacturers provide a range of TV sizes that should work with the mount. It is important to remember these are only recommendations and not guarantees though, as there are many factors to consider when mounting. However, staying within the suggested range will increase your chances of compatibility.

Posted: Friday , 10 · 01 · 2010

TV Stand with Gaming Storage

Planning to buy your kids a new gaming system this Christmas? Put it in
the living room!
Although most parents are used to storing video games in
a child’s bedroom, play room or spare room, game developers are pushing hard
for a new “family approach” to gaming. The Nintendo Wii and Playstation Move
are especially aggressive at marketing themselves as a the modern solution to
“family game night,” and both systems have intentionally designed multiple games
just for adults.

Not in to video games? Use your new system as a personal video store! Cheaper
and easier than cable pay-per-view, these instant-streaming download programs
(available through Xbox Live, Windows Media Center and Netflix) help you get
the most out of your expensive new system.

Not sure how to display your game system? That’s where we come in! Video
game consoles are no longer exclusively designed for the bedroom, dorm room
or bachelor’s pad. Our manufacturers offer a huge variety of small TV stands
and audio racks specifically designed for modern video game systems. Many feature
video-game-specific multimedia shelves, small hooks to hang your guitars, yoga
boards and controllers and vertical storage shelves, perfect for upright video
game systems.

Posted: Wednesday , 08 · 25 · 2010

eco-friendly furniture

With the recent rise in eco-conscious and sustainable living has come a new line
of environmentally-friendly furniture, designed for "green" consumers.
Although "green" furniture has been available for decades from small
manufacturers and local artisans around the country, it is only now starting to
make its impact on larger, older companies.

The three trends we’re seeing in "green" furniture production involve:

Furniture made from reused or recycled materials. (re-purposed building
materials, naturally fallen trees, recycled shipping pallets, etc.)

Posted: Saturday , 08 · 21 · 2010

Multiple Display TV Mount

Mounted TV Screens are no longer a luxury at gyms. They are absolute necessities! If you own or operate a gym or fitness club, you know that easy access to entertainment for your patrons is essential to your long-term success. If you haven’t yet installed a pole, ceiling or wall mounted TV, you’re losing out to your competition. Here are some quick tips for mounting TVs in gym settings.

Posted: Friday , 07 · 23 · 2010

gaming chair

Summer is winding down, the weather will get cooler, and the days of having fun in the sun will be followed with days of staying indoors. And for the young at heart, fun activities include indoor parties, lounging around watching TV, and even playing some video games. It’s not too late to create a fun space with gaming in mind. So start thinking about getting some gaming chairs and accessories. They’re fun and functional with built-in speakers and real-time vibrations.


Posted: Friday , 06 · 18 · 2010

corner standPerhaps you’re moving into your first apartment. Maybe you don’t want a high rent payment or mortgage because you’re finishing your education. If you work long hours or travel, you may not want the upkeep of a larger home base. But whatever the reason, if you find that you’re living in a small space but still want access to your large TV, gaming options, and more, there are organizational solutions for you. Find TV stands and other media organization collection products that fit in your space, and consider a few ideas before you start shopping:


Posted: Friday , 05 · 07 · 2010

entertainment centerYou’re all grown up, out of school, and now you’re furnishing your first “real” place. Out with the cheap college furniture! With your first paycheck in hand, you are ready to furnish your adult abode with pieces that suit your unique style.

Luckily for you, there’s plenty of choices to house your brand new TV. You can choose from:

Which to choose

Posted: Monday , 04 · 12 · 2010

wall mountFlat screen TVs are typically mounted on a wall; it looks great and saves space. In fact, in addition to the great picture quality, this feature is one of the primary reasons that many people go this route. But, when it comes to the actual mounting, there are those that will do it themselves and others that will just call the handyman.


Posted: Thursday , 03 · 11 · 2010

home theatreIf you are about to design and create a home theater, get ready to have some fun! Not only can you construct the room for the ideal listening and viewing experiences, you can also make a real statement about yourself or your family in creative design themes.


Themes for Your Home Theater


The sky’s the limit! This is the room for having fun, hanging out, and enjoying great cinematic or musical experiences, and the décor can indicate as such. Some design ideas to make this a great recreation room include:


Posted: Friday , 02 · 26 · 2010

multi ceiling mountMany retailers and service providers have recognized the value and impact offered by retail digital signage. These are the flat screens you see behind the cashier at the car rental place, or from ceiling mounts at the local department or grocery store.

If you are a business owner or office/retail manager, you may want to consider this type of on site advertising or signage. You can:

  • Show product details or usage instructions
  • Offer scheduling displays
  • Promote new products or services in other areas of the store
  • Point out additional offerings
  • Advertise upcoming events or sales