eco-friendly furniture

With the recent rise in eco-conscious and sustainable living has come a new line
of environmentally-friendly furniture, designed for "green" consumers.
Although "green" furniture has been available for decades from small
manufacturers and local artisans around the country, it is only now starting to
make its impact on larger, older companies.

The three trends we’re seeing in "green" furniture production involve:

Furniture made from reused or recycled materials. (re-purposed building
materials, naturally fallen trees, recycled shipping pallets, etc.)

  • For a great example, see Southshore Furniture, one of Stands and Mounts
    most popular manufacturers. The vast majority of Southshore’s products are
    made with 100% recovered and recycled wood materials. By ordering their furniture,
    you are simultaneously supporting "green" furniture production and
    conserving the world’s forests – all while indulging in a new bedroom suite!

Furniture made from renewable materials. (bamboo, yellow pine, etc)

Bamboo furniture, like bamboo flooring, has seen an enormous rise in the last
5 years. Bamboo is an extraordinary furniture resource because it has a short
growing cycle (It is harvested every 3-5 years, as opposed to hardwoods, which
are harvested every 20-50 years!) and produces nearly 20x the yield per annum
of a hardwood forest. It is considered one of the strongest building materials
in the world and is lightweight enough to move around your house as easily as

Furniture produced with new materials and a "Reduce Your Use"

OmniMount’s new "OmniLite" series is a wonderful model of this trend;
all "OmniLite" mounts are conceived, drawn and packaged with a mind
toward reducing unnecessary waste. These mounts use fewer packaging materials
and significantly reduce the amount of post-production waste by-products. OmniMount
also uses green printing practices and recycled packaging materials on all its
other products, outside the "OmniLite" line.

As you browse through the Stands and Mounts catalog, keep an eye out for "green"
furniture, and let us know if you’d like to see more!

For additional eco-friendly furniture lines see:

  • AVF: "Eco-Mount" wall mounts
  • Altra: Bamboo bedroom and bathroom furniture
  • Linon: Bamboo kitchen carts
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