multi ceiling mountMany retailers and service providers have recognized the value and impact offered by retail digital signage. These are the flat screens you see behind the cashier at the car rental place, or from ceiling mounts at the local department or grocery store.

If you are a business owner or office/retail manager, you may want to consider this type of on site advertising or signage. You can:

  • Show product details or usage instructions
  • Offer scheduling displays
  • Promote new products or services in other areas of the store
  • Point out additional offerings
  • Advertise upcoming events or sales

Location, Location, Location

The key to maximizing the potential of retail digital signage is to have the screens and displays in the right place. This begins with the mounting options.

  • Consider ceiling mounts to hang a display in the aisles—ideal for large department stores, as the screen will be viewable above the crowds.
  • A multi mount system will be best if a lot of information needs to be present at a particular point—for example, a tire and auto shop can advertise regular pricing and special offers on several screens behind the main desk as people sign off on service to their vehicles.

The mounting is also important as a safety feature. The mounts must be capable of handing the type of display being mounted and they must be secured properly. The experts at can offer suggestions on the mounting options that would work best for your retail digital signage.

About is the woman-owned daughter company of Caro-Line Holding Company Inc. They have been in business online since 2003 and have become one of the most prominent audio video furniture and mounting solutions stores on the internet. The sales team is composed of experts in audio video products and installation. They aim to earn and maintain trusted relationships with each manufacturer and every customer.

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