tv standWhat came first, the TV or the room? Maybe you are purchasing a new flat screen TV and need to figure out the best way to view it in your living room. Maybe you are moving or remodeling a room and need to accommodate your large plasma television. Either way, there are a few things to consider to experience optimal viewing with the room and television.

Television Size

Depending on the type and size of TV you have or buy, it will be best viewed from a particular distance. For example, a 40 inch TV is generally viewed best from five to eight feet away. And the type of TV will play a role as well—HDTVs can be closer to the five feet mark, while a projection or tube model will be best situated about eight feet from the viewers. If you are purchasing a new TV, be sure to ask about television’s optimal viewing distance, or consult the user manual for your TV.

Also, the type of TV will determine placement. A medium or large flat screen model, such as a plasma or LCD, often goes the way of the wall mount. Smaller flat screens or other types will go down the TV stand route.

Consider Design and Décor

Where will the TV be placed? A lower level rec room or a comfortable family room? A large space or small? Hopefully your TV coordinates with the room size—you wouldn’t want a 50-inch flat screen TV in a 300-square-foot family gathering room, for example.  Consider the lighting in the room—make sure that the afternoon sun doesn’t settle center stage.

Integrate the television into the décor. Place it front and center if the room is primarily used for viewing. Consider a TV armoire to keep it tucked away if the room has many uses. A wall mount can offer the perfect placement and doesn’t detract from other features in the room.

Other Details

Angle—The wall mount or TV stand you choose should set the TV in a spot that is most comfortable for viewing.

Safety—Above all else, make sure the stand or mount you choose can accommodate the size and weight of the TV. Flat screens that are too heavy for the mount can fall, and tube TVs can be a little front-heavy and can topple on a stand that is too small.

What are your tips for incorporating a TV into your space?

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