home theatreIf you are about to design and create a home theater, get ready to have some fun! Not only can you construct the room for the ideal listening and viewing experiences, you can also make a real statement about yourself or your family in creative design themes.


Themes for Your Home Theater


The sky’s the limit! This is the room for having fun, hanging out, and enjoying great cinematic or musical experiences, and the décor can indicate as such. Some design ideas to make this a great recreation room include:


  • Consider themes centered on a favorite movie, show, or music genre. Try an “Indiana Jones” theme, or maybe focus on “Rock Through the Decades.” Or you could pay tribute to Elvis—movies and music? For families with small children, maybe an all-Disney review? Whatever you choose, it should be fun, but also something that fits with your preferences and style. Maybe you can show off a special vintage collection or grouping of whimsical items that hold special meaning for your family. 


  • Try a theme by decade. What about a 50’s style diner, or an 80’s hair band type theme? 


  • Go for some character: family movie characters, TV icons, or dreamboats in black and white. 


Use a little imagination and choose something that reflects you! Check out these other themed rooms for more inspiration.




Two main things factor into acoustics: Room design and materials, and the quality and placement of your speakers. Read up on acoustical features and how they impact a home theater or speak with a professional. When you purchase your speakers, discuss your room setup and where the speaker mounts should go for optimal performance.


The Audience Experience


Likely, the main feature in the room is your big screen. But, in order to view it best, you will want to make certain you have it properly mounted or situated in the room. Examine the room from the audience’s perspective. Does the screen need to be elevated or lowered? Moved backwards or forwards? Are there any windows or lighting fixtures that create a glare? Does the current mount or stand take attention away from the main focus of the room?


Having the viewing area absolutely perfect is a critical element in the home theater design. Be sure to keep this in mind as you build for acoustics and plan your theme.  And don’t forget all the little extras that will make the room great, such as concessions, novelties, and accessories. Then search StandsAndMounts.com or contact us to find the perfect stand or mounting solution to create a stunning audience experience in your new home theater.


About StandsandMounts.com


StandsandMounts.com is the woman-owned daughter company of Caro-Line Holding Company Inc. They have been in business online since 2003 and have become one of the most prominent audio video furniture and mounting solutions stores on the internet. The sales team is composed of experts in audio video products and installation. They aim to earn and maintain trusted relationships with each manufacturer and every customer.

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