Multiple Display TV Mount

Mounted TV Screens are no longer a luxury at gyms. They are absolute necessities! If you own or operate a gym or fitness club, you know that easy access to entertainment for your patrons is essential to your long-term success. If you haven’t yet installed a pole, ceiling or wall mounted TV, you’re losing out to your competition. Here are some quick tips for mounting TVs in gym settings.

Consider Placement
Place a row of mounts or a multiple TV mount in the workout areas where they will be most in demand. Most gyms are set up with long lines of treadmills, elliptical machines, stair masters and so forth. These are the ideal locations for multiple TV screens. Patrons who are doing repetitious activities over a long period of time in the same place are those who will want to have convenient access to those TV’s! Make sure you install enough sets so that everyone can have an opportunity for easy viewing. You may also wish to place individual sets in corners of weight rooms, but in most cases these kinds of rooms have very little need for multiple sets. Bottom line: consider placement wisely. If space is an issue, mount flat screen TVs. If your funds are tight, use traditional CRT tube TVs. Mounts are available for both old and new technology.

Use High Quality Mounts
You should always use high quality wall or ceiling mounts. To be safe, you should choose a mount that is UL listed. You should follow the installation instructions to the letter if you are doing it yourself. Whether or not you do the work or hire out, make sure not to scrimp when it comes to the strength and durability of the TV mount. The last thing you want is for a TV screen to accidentally fall on a patron.

Choose Tilting Mounts
Remember to consider the proper tilt. A good TV mount allows for easy adjustment and tilt. You’ll want to position the set so that it can be easily viewed from most heights and angles. Be sure you can adjust the TV to avoid glare from both sunlight and artificial light.

Ask for Help
If you have questions, you should ask for the help of a professional, someone that has installation experience.
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