corner standPerhaps you’re moving into your first apartment. Maybe you don’t want a high rent payment or mortgage because you’re finishing your education. If you work long hours or travel, you may not want the upkeep of a larger home base. But whatever the reason, if you find that you’re living in a small space but still want access to your large TV, gaming options, and more, there are organizational solutions for you. Find TV stands and other media organization collection products that fit in your space, and consider a few ideas before you start shopping:


Corner TV Stands: You’ve got no room to cut corners when it comes to space, so fill that corner with a TV stand. A quick browse online will show that corner TV stands have come a long way in style and form and can also accommodate larger TVs than their predecessors.   


TV Mounts: Mounting your television on the wall using a high quality mounting system is the best way to save space. However, you’ll want to check your rental agreement or talk to the landlord before you go this route.


Media Collection Organization Furniture: Maybe it’s your first venture on your own, or maybe it’s just been a while since you shopped for furniture, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the options that are available. With so many gaming systems on the market and so many people taking advantage of all the latest technology, the entertainment centers of today are made to help organize the systems, the accessories, the wires—they’ve literally thought of everything.


Other Organizational Ideas: Take your time and evaluate your space and what you need to keep your things organized yet accessible. Then look online or at a local home store for shelving options; you’ll be surprised at what you find. You are no longer limited to the simple wooden wall shelves or the ugly metal and pressed wood options that should only be found in a basement. What you will find are fun and funky organizational tools that are as much a part of the décor as a wall hanging or light fixture. You can choose shelves and cases that mount to the wall or those that are freestanding. Some are designed to display your items while others are covered. Some provide linear space across an entire wall; others offer a “cubby-like” configuration. Endless options!


Don’t be daunted by a small space. You don’t have to sacrifice style or give up any entertainment systems. Hopefully, these ideas inspired you to get creative in your small space—now it’s time to shop!


About is the woman-owned daughter company of Caro-Line Holding Company Inc. They have been in business online since 2003 and have become one of the most prominent audio video furniture and mounting solutions stores on the internet. The sales team is composed of experts in audio video products and installation. They aim to earn and maintain trusted relationships with each manufacturer and every customer.

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