wall mountFlat screen TVs are typically mounted on a wall; it looks great and saves space. In fact, in addition to the great picture quality, this feature is one of the primary reasons that many people go this route. But, when it comes to the actual mounting, there are those that will do it themselves and others that will just call the handyman.


If you are very skilled and can mount a large flat screen with one hand tied behind your back, then these tips will be quite elementary. If you are the type that calls the repairman to change a light bulb, you likely won’t need these, either. But, many of us have a desire to try things ourselves. Call it what you will, but there’s a bit of satisfaction in doing the work ourselves.


In which case, when you purchase your television, you’ll need to talk to someone about the best mounting solution and purchase the proper mounting kit, which you can find here at StandsandMounts.com for a competitive price, we might add. Next, you can use these tips along with the mounting instructions to give it a go yourself. Here goes:


  • Hide the wires. This is proper technique and it just looks so much better. You can hide behind walls if the fire code permits or purchase a cable raceway that blends in.


  • Check the height and width before making any holes. You want to make sure placement is perfect for the viewer and the room. Also note where lighting falls—you don’t want to put all this work in, just to have your viewing experience diminished by a glare.


  • Check and double check the weight restrictions on your mounting kit and the TV it will hold.


  • Use best safety practices at all times—on ladders, when working with electricity, etc.


  • Measure twice, drill once. Make sure everything lines up—then check it again.


This task can be attainable if you: One: purchase the right mounting kit for your flat screen TV, two: take your time to measure and position correctly position correctly, and, three: follow all safety instructions for both installation and general safety.


Good Luck!


About StandsandMounts.com: StandsandMounts.com is the woman-owned daughter company of Caro-Line Holding Company Inc. They have been in business online since 2003 and have become one of the most prominent audio video furniture and mounting solutions stores on the internet. The sales team is composed of experts in audio video products and installation. They aim to earn and maintain trusted relationships with each manufacturer and every customer.

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