One of the most frustrating feelings while you are getting ready to install your flat screen is realizing your mount will not work because it is too small for your flat panel. It can be equally frustrating finding out the mount is too large for the screen. These situations are very common and can easily be avoided by following a few basic tips.

Stay within suggested TV range: Most manufacturers provide a range of TV sizes that should work with the mount. It is important to remember these are only recommendations and not guarantees though, as there are many factors to consider when mounting. However, staying within the suggested range will increase your chances of compatibility.

Know your VESA mounting pattern: Many flat panels do not stay within industry standards making it important to know what mounting pattern your specific TV has before you select a mount. Some manufacturers actually list this information in the owner’s manual, but you can simply measure the holes center-to-center from left to right and top to bottom if it is not. Once you have the dimensions, convert them to millimeters to get your VESA pattern. Most product pages list compatible VESA patterns or maximum dimensions to help you determine the fit.

Check the weight capacity of the mount: If you stay within the suggested TV range of the mount, you should also be within the weight capacity limit but it is always a good idea to check. Sometimes you find that perfect mount but it is rated for a slightly smaller screen; it may still work for you if it is both VESA compatible and within the weight capacity. So, do not give up on that perfect mount just yet, check all of the criteria before making a decision.

Stick with brand name mounts: When in doubt, stay with brand name manufacturers that have built a reputation of reliability and workmanship. Manufacturers such as Premier Mounts, Peerless, Chief and OmniMount even have mount finder tools on their respective websites that will ensure mount compatibility! provides links to these sites on many of their product pages for your convenience. If you still need help, can be reached by telephone at 1-800-807-1477 or via email at to help you in your decision.

Having the correct information provides a worry-free shopping experience and saves you money and time from costly mistakes. Whatever the situation calls for, is dedicated to supporting their customers and providing them with the most current information so they can make the best decision possible.

About is the woman-owned daughter company of Caro-Line Holding Company Inc. They have been in business online since 2003 and have become one of the most prominent audio video furniture and mounting solutions stores on the internet. From wall mounts to entertainment centers and TV stands, they’re the place to shop online. The sales team is composed of experts in audio video products and installation. They aim to earn and maintain trusted relationships with each manufacturer and every customer.

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